About Us

Why choose SSFM ?

We are a specialized Building Management Company with a focus on maintaining and preserving the facilities, common areas and assets within a residential, commercial or mixed use building while nurturing and supporting a community.

We develop site-specific Building Management Plans at the point of hand-over to ensure building compliance, and sustainable practices achieved across the buildings assets, and infrastructure.

A preventative maintenance schedule will be devised for essential, non-essential and soft services to enhance the life cycle of the assets, improve building appearance and reduce unforeseen breakdowns.

Through our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), we actively pursue industry "best practices" in-line with the Australian Building Management Code, recognized as the objective industry standard consistent and complimentary to, associated Acts, Regulations, and Australian Standards.

Fire Safety
Access Control
Security and CCTV
Scheduled Maintenance
Defect Management

As professional providers, our Building Managers undergo a competency assessment on an annual basis to ensure we are appropriately skilled and qualified to perform our duties and tasks in this ever evolving industry.

Our experienced building managers are trained to deal with all types of facilities including, Essential Services (fire protection system, electricity, potable water, sewage, etc.) Capital Infrastructure (walls, floors, doors, windows, etc.) and Non-Essential services (pools, landscaping, lifts, air-conditioning, etc.)

We have the capacity to deliver independent building accreditation (compliance auditing) through the Australian Building Management Accreditation (ABMA) which should be the objective target for every building.

Strata Schemes FM will enhance the value of your asset therefore increasing your real estate value, and maximize your rental returns and quality of tenants, subsequently retaining a competitive advantage over neighboring properties.

SSFM holds Membership to the following organizations: